Custom Touch

They call it custom electronics for a reason. Here in this high-rise suite along Manhattan’s Central Park South, the couple had precise requirements that didn’t exactly fit a cookie-cutter design for music, video and home control. But that’s nothing new to the designers at EDG, who pride themselves in tweaking tried-and-true electronics to meet the unique needs of its clients. Here, audiophile-grade music quality came first, followed by video, lighting and climate control, and EDG delivered.

Minimalist design defines this full-floor apartment. If electronics are visible, that means they have an integral role in the home. That’s the case in the listening room, where a pair of B&W floorstanding loudspeakers stand in full view to provide the owners with the closest thing to the concert sound at neighboring Lincoln Center — without having to leave the apartment. The sleek B&W XT8s — with a footprint of just 6 x 8 inches — deliver the full-range performance necessary for the couple’s classical music collection without taking over the room.

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