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Space is at a premium in a Manhattan apartment. Homeowners who want to fit technology into a snug three-bedroom, two-bath apartment can do it themselves and run the risk of a cabling eyesore. Or, they can bring in pros like Electronic Design Group who can transform a seemingly unworkable situation into a neat fix. This family chose the latter and has audio and video wherever they wanted with not a wire to be seen.

The homeowners’ needs were simple. They wanted music in the bedrooms, the great room and the kitchen, and they wanted a TV for the dining room/family room that would wow guests with a supersized image. A large part of the appeal of a flat-screen TV is the thin form factor that makes a display appear to float on the wall. Once you get into jumbo-size screens like the Panasonic 85-inch plasma TV in the family room of this Manhattan condo, though, the depth required to accommodate such a large TV expands. So EDG decided to move the wall.

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