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New iMacs Ship With a Billion More Colors

The latest iMacs from 2015 display a wider range of colors thanks to their improved color gamut. They now output more colors than ever before.

The Apple Watch Earns You Red Carpet Treatment

Rumor has it that people who buy the gold edition Apple Watch will receive special red carpet treatment at Apple Stores.

OneNote for iOS Gets Handwriting Support

For those of you who are iPad users, you may have noticed a recent update from Microsoft enabling handwriting support for their OneNote iOS application.

Apple's HomeKit

What Can Apple’s “HomeKit” Do For You?

On Monday, Apple announced a new application called HomeKit which will allow developers to create new technology specifically designed to work with Apple's iOS devices. This means there will be opportunities for your iPhone to control various parts of your home including your lighting systems,...

This Week in Tech: Last Minute Gifts Edition

It's the week before Christmas and you're still scrambling to find your favorite techie the perfect gift. You've checked EDG's Holiday Gift guide, but still no such luck. But fret not! EDG is here to save the day! We've rounded up this week's tech news to stir up some holiday gift-giving...

Brace Yourself: iOS 7 is coming

The iPhone's most anticipated OS update of its entire seven-year history comes out today. iOS 7, featuring a new multi-dimensional layered complex design interface by Sir Jony Ive, hits iPhones worldwide sometime today. With its radically overhauled interface, transparency layers between apps and...

Apple Wants to Make an Unbreakable iPhone

As if you haven’t already heard: Apple’s update of the iPhone 5 made the tech world gape in awe at its new feature--the Touch ID, a fingerprint identity sensor. Apple’s Touch ID allows iPhone users to use their fingerprint as their passwords, conveniently placing the sensor on the home...

Google Chromecast vs. Apple AirPlay

Showtime Showdown "Everyone loves their phones, tablets, and laptops," said Google. "Unlike other solutions, we will not force you to have the same operating system on all your devices." Google is throwing a punch at Apple with their new Google Chromecast, a tiny $35 dongle that lets anyone...

Apple seals deal with HBO, ESPN for Apple TV

The Cupertino-based tech giant sealed a deal with HBO and ESPN to bring the HBOGo and WatchESPN apps to Apple TV. The product, which uses iTunes to deliver purchased and rented media, has sold over 1.1 million television shows and movies combined. [caption id="attachment_6427"...

WWDC and E3: The Tech Toys of the (Near) Future

With the wake of Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) coming to a calm, we have highlighted the biggest and most-anticipated tech toys of 2013:   iOS 7. Arguably the biggest announcement of the year in consumer technology is...

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