Automated Shades

103-Gellis Living Room Shades down_LoRes
In this age of rising energy costs, a well-designed residential lighting control system home automation system. Lighting controls can be programmed so that the outside lights turn on and off with sunset and sunrise, landscape lights are synced with the astronomical time clock, and interior lights automatically light up when you are home or away. You can also add these same great energy saving features to automatic shade controls. This eliminates the need to remember to close the blinds to protect sunlight streaming in from causing ho102-Gellis Living Room Shades up_LoRest pockets in the house and fading expensive fabrics, artwork, and collectibles. You can program the shades with a “morning” setting to rise when you wake up, as well as a “night” setting to go down when you are going to sleep – in addition to every setting in between. We provide a convenient, one-touch control without sacrificing style.