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Minimalistic & Simplistic


Strategically hiding audio/video equipment within a home is an integral part of preserving a minimalist’s style. Cables and components can quickly clutter up even a very large space. Planning ahead and devising ways to hide equipment helps to create an unobtrusive, state-of-the-art system.

In this project, EDG worked with the client’s minimalistic expectations to provide a continuous, simple design theme throughout their home. They asked for a home automation system that complimented their clean, modern minimalist home and increase energy-efficiency and privacy. Through their integration system, they wanted control over lighting, shades, multiroom audio/video, HVAC and security. The house had a very open floor plan. The clients explained that they wanted an area to watch TV and movies that included a high-end surround sound system and the equipment couldn’t interfere with their contemporary design.

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