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Our client has one of the most impressive 2 channel audio systems we’ve ever heard. When we discussed the priorities for their screening room, the conversation immediately turned to performance. The clients wanted state of the art picture quality, with an impressive sound system; but not the typical BOOM-BOOM-BOOM sound from thundering subwoofers with explosions. The client wanted finesse and accuracy of the sound reproduction in it’s purest form, just as the film’s director intended for you to experience it.


In this home, Electronics Design Group was tasked with turning a small space into a state of the art screening room, ideal for unwinding after a long day at work. Working with limited dimensions, EDG set out to construct an impressive design with optimum acoustics, precise viewing distances and comfortable seating.


The equipment rack was installed in the mechanical room behind the theater,keeping the visual focus on the experience, not the equipment. Intuitive to operate, the client can choose; Cable TV, Apple TV, Oppo Reference Blu-Ray Player, or their 4K Media Server.


The limited space available for this project did not take away from its final design. The state of the art 4K Ultra HD Sony VPL-VW1100ES projector illuminates a detailed film like experience  on a 158” Curved 4K Screen.  The client requested that the sound be contained within the room with absolutely no leakage of sound detectable from anywhere else in the home. To meet their request, EDG used Kinetics isolation materials to prevent any traces of sound from escaping the theater.


Steinway Lyngdorf’s 7.1 Reference Cinema Audio System was used to optimize the sound experience in which includes the proprietary ROOM PERFECT technology. In the sound supply chain, the room was once the weakest link. Steinway Lyngdorf, removes this link and delivers the most accurate sound possible through its room perfect technology.


This project is proof that an impressive screening room can be produced even when space is limited. In any home, all it takes is four walls, a floor, and a ceiling. EDG’s award winning team, works with builders and architects to take care of the rest.  

EDG’s 5D approach provides clients and trade professionals the knowledge and expertise to execute projects with efficiency, accuracy and most important, the enjoyment our clients receive from creating their dream rooms.


Builder Torrisi Builders 973-517-1704 Electrician Magtech Electric 201-906-1555


Press: CE Pro: March 2016


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