Constellation Theater


Constellation Theater – The system, designed for ease of use with the Control4 OSD (On screen Display) and handheld remote makes operation simple and intuitive. The  eye catching FOSI star sky ceiling, creates a spatial ambience. This home theater is surrounded by Acoustic Innovation Sound control panels, which provide acoustical attenuation of  the 7.2 Channel Integra Amplifier/Processor.  The video is powered by a LG BluRay player and an Epson ProCinema 9100 Projector, which is displayed onto an Elite PrimeVision AcousticPro screen 8’ foot wide sound transparent screen. The LCR channels play  through the screen, the way a commercial cinema is designed. The B&W In-Wall 7 Channel Loudspeakers, easily play at reference volume levels, providing the realism of a premium commercial cinema. The 15 “Rocker Type” seats were used to conserve space and maximum seating volume.


Builder: JMOC Builders
  • (908) 502-5176


  • CEDIA Best Home Theater 2012