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Accidental Opulence


This project was for an existing client who had built a home two years earlier and waited on completing the lower level.  We had recently completed a dedicated 12-seat theater for one of his good friends, which our client was able to experience first hand.  This high performance system served as a good starting point of reference. We had an optimal size space to work with; 26’ wide x 34’ long with 9’ ceilings. The objective was to be able to seat 22 people!  We accommodated 16 luxurious Cinematech theater seats, with 6 bar stools along a granite counter behind the third row.

Working within the spacious dimensions, we designed the seating layout so that all viewers could comfortably enjoy the show with unobstructed site lines. The free-floating platform was a unique design.  The room was treated with staggered stud construction.  An acoustical wall absorption system was integrated into the millwork to improve the room acoustics. Video was stellar with a Sony VPH-G90U 9” CRT gun projector shooting onto a 117” Stewart Micro-perf Wide Screen, the perfect size to captivate the crowd with stunning HD video.  A Lexicin MC-1 with Genelec HT210 Active Monitors for the LCR’s and two HTS4 powered Subs.  The side and rear surround EX speakers were Sonance Cinema II in-walls which were faux painted to match the wall treatments.  Because the room was so large, we were able to have good distance from the sides and rears, which created a very open and realistic sound field.  The room was controlled with an AMX Viewpoint control system; so simple even the guests could operate the room by selecting menu items and icons.  In addition we integrated a six-zone Lutron GRAFIK Eye system to handle the lighting control.  Other video source components included a Hughes TIVO, RCA HD DSS, Off Air HD, Sony PS2 & X-Box, DVD and VCR, all of which were integrated into a Middle Atlantic AX-S Rack system hidden within a custom carved cabinet located in the theater.

Our client uses the room every night and the theater has been the venue for regular weekend movies and sporting events.  They love demonstrating their system to family and friends who are “blown away” as they experience the superb picture and hear the fabulous theater sound.


Interior Designer: Robert So (973) 667-1290 Security: Ultimate Security (973) 535-3052


Awards CEDIA Best Home Theater 2003 Press Twenty-Two Seats and Counting Accidental Opulence Designer Home Theater



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