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A Gilded Experience


One of our client’s neighbors called Electronics Design Group because they were going to construct an addition onto their existing estate and wanted a media system area in it. When we initially met with them and their architect, builder, and designer to discuss the project, we learned that the proposed “addition” was half the size of their existing 10, 000 square foot home, and the media system would be located in a 5, 000 square foot indoor pool/recreation area – a longtime dream of the owners! This tranquil 2-story area is connected to the main house on 3 levels.

They wanted to be able to relax in the pool or Jacuzzi and watch sports, TV or movies in this “multi-purpose” space. There are many large windows with no window treatments to allow natural light (the media system was going to be used mainly in the evenings), and included a large bar, salt water aquarium, and a unique Harley Davidson bike display area. They wanted to be able to see the media system from the pool, Jacuzzi, sitting area and bar. We collaborated on laying out the system so it was centrally located to all spaces.

The challenge was being able to give the client a clear view of the Harley display when the media system was not in use, so we incorporated a 100” Motorized Screen into the soffit above one of the glass walls. The architect and designer warned that all of our measurements for the A/V gear and sigh lines to the screen had to be exact. Since our specification documents are created in-house on Auto CAD by our engineering team, the architect, designer and cabinet people loved it, as did the client. Everything was as neat as a pin.

An AMX control system ties in the whole house audio and lighting control systems. For a bright, vivid picture, we selected a Sony projector and Sony/B&W Surround Sound System all wired back to a Middle Atlantic Rack System housed in the Harley display area. EDG’s ideas and implemented design made a huge splash with our client!

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Architect: Bleeker Architectural Group
  • (973) 942-2100
Interior Design: Covington Designs
  • (201) 848-0507
Woodwork: White Eagle Architectural Woodworking
  • (201) 785-0892


  • CEDIA Best Home Theater 2002



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