March 2015

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March 2015 Edition
EDG News: What to Expect from EDG’s Consulting Services

Electronics Design Group (EDG) provides consulting services that follow a reliable 5 step approach. At EDG we like to call it “The 5D’s of Consulting”. The 5D Consulting Process includes steps that assist in discovering, defining, designing, developing, and deploying a client’s electronics integration system.EDG engages with clients and/or trade partners via a consultation process that aims at understanding expectations and offering possibilities. The discovery process explores a client’s technology interests and needs (i.e. audio, video, lighting, network, security, HVAC, etc)…read more.

Solution Ideas:

Outdoor Entertainment Spaces

Technology Editorials:
Project Profile: Dangerous Decibels

Envision a subwoofer that was designed for use in a 10,000 square foot commercial theater. Now, imagine taking not one but two of these same subwoofers and incorporating them into a 700 square foot residential theater. Implementing incredible audio in a high performance home theater is what this project was all aboutread more.

Attention Architects!!!
EDG No Bullshit Consulting

5D and no Bull!

No more technology headaches, no BS, EVER! Learn how EDG’s 5D Consulting Process will make your clients smile, so you can get back to what’s really important, running your business! Click here for EDG’s 5D Process-No Bull!