A Solution to Racks and Space Management

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Automated homes rely on control systems to regulate home networks, manage connections and keep everything synchronized. While these systems are quite extensive and complex, they do not necessarily have to be bulky and space consuming. The equipment that runs these control systems are typically stored in racks.

As devices and their components are shrinking in size, so are their storage racks. Technology is getting smaller and it is becoming easier to store more equipment into less space. This means racks now take up even less space than they did before.PSO_090403_0453

Varying rack sizes allows for more flexible storage options. Instead of worrying about whether or not a rack will fit in your closet, racks can be purchased in different sizes, configurations & types that allow them to be seamlessly integrated into your home’s design. Middle Atlantic, one of our equipment rack vendors, offers rack systems in a variety of sizes. For instance, a shorter rack could be hidden in a kitchen cabinet or a slide-out floor standing rack can be housed in a small closet.

When working on a project, the EDG team takes care of finding discreet locations where equipment racks can be disguised and/or hidden so they’re out of sight but still accessible on a service call. There’s no such thing as “not having space” for racks because the ever-evolving list of rack options ensures that some rack combination will fit into any home when thoughtfully design and strategically installed.




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