In-Wall and Ceiling Speakers

Thursday, July 10, 2014

There’s a lot of talk these days about invisible speakers that are hidden behind walls yet somehow still fully functional. You might be wondering how they work and whether or not they’re worth purchasing.


At Electronics Design Group, we work with many brands of invisible speakers but for this discussion we’ll focus on two brands: the Stealth Acoustics LR6G and the Amina AIW350E.

If your home has messy surround-sound speakers and cords laying around and you’re looking to make them go away, then invisible speakers are a great solution to your problem. EDG works with architects and interior designers to place invisible speakers in your wall – not on them. After your walls/ceilings are finished, you will be amazed by how impressive your new top-notch hidden sound system can perform completely out of sight.

If you’re concerned that placing speakers behind a wall will interfere with crisp sound production, do not fret. First of all, the speakers aren’t exactly “behind” the wall – they just look that way! They’re actually on the surface covered up behind a thin layer of spackle and some paint (or wallpaper). The loss of sound quality from being painted over is so minimal that it’s almost nonexistent. It is important to remember that these speakers were built to be covered so engineers made adjustments that take that into account when projecting frequencies. They won’t sound muffled.

In-wall and ceiling speakers are a go-to solution for anyone looking to de-clutter their audio equipment. In the following home, EDG installed a series of invisible speakers in the ceiling. Can you spot them?

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