Hiding a Television Set in Your Backyard

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Spring may be in full bloom but summer is not far off. The season of backyard barbecues and pool parties is shifting into full swing. Are you ready to entertain?

To make your yard stand out, consider installing a hidden outdoor television. The ability to enjoy your favorite television series from the comfort of your own backyard is truly a luxury everyone should experience. Television is even more pleasant when you can view it from the comfort of your own swimming pool, outdoor patio set, or even while cooking on the grill. A phenomenal way to pass the time it is. What could possibly make it any better? Being able to discretely store the TV when it is not in use is one place to start.

hiding a television outdoors

Over the years, Electronics Design Group has worked with a diverse set of clients to install waterproof and weatherproof TV sets in backyards in the most discrete ways possible. Some televisions rise up and out from stone walls, others are designed to unfold down from the roof of a brick gazebo. The possibilities for hidden TVs are endless. Let us find a design that works right for you! Our team will find the best locations and craft a mechanism that can keep your TV both accessible when it is needed and out of sight when it is not.

hiding a television

Both Seura and Sunbright are two of the main manufacturers that Electronics Design Group uses for our projects. These two manufacturers produce outdoor TVs that can withstand heat, rain, and almost any other force of nature. They are ideal for the type of projects we use them in. Consider exploring their websites for inspiration on what you can have installed right in your backyard.

Contact EDG today! Summer is still a few weeks away!

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