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Outdoor Entertainment Spaces

Before you know it, Summer will be upon us and it'll be time to kick back, relax, and jump in the pool for a swim. The next two seasons are the prime time to enjoy the outdoors and in preparation for that, Electronics Design Groups (EDG) has put together a list of ideas to help inspire new outdoor entertainment spaces for your backyard.

Lutron Battery-Operated Shades

If you're looking to control your window shades in your living space but find yourself constrained by logistics, Lutron has the solution!

The Driveway Alarm knows who’s going to knock!

The old house was set back in a field, far away from the single winding road that passed through this rural landscape.

Luxurious Outdoor Entertainment

Bring your digital entertainment outside without on a gorgeous day and enjoy your favorite TV shows with weatherproof, high-performance audio and video technology.

Light Improvements

Getting sufficient sleep every night and waking up to a bright, natural light-filled home can be the difference between feeling well-rested and wide awake to spending the entire day in ceaseless lethargy.

The Minimalist Technology Home

Mood lighting can be added to a room to help you better relax, as well as improve upon its design and highlight certain focal points.

A Backyard Movie Night

Incorporating a TV into your outdoor space can create the perfect environment for a backyard movie night.

The Smart House

The Smart House involves automating things such as lighting, blinds, security system, home entertainment and temperature.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

There are many benefits of installing outdoor lighting. Including security, beauty & ambiance, safety and value.