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7 World Trade Center

While the new World Trade Center (WTC) complex aims to enrich the economic and cultural lives of the lower Manha an community, it also demonstrates a new vision of sustainable design in practice. WTC 7, the first of 7 buildings scheduled for construction at the WTC site, was the first in the complex to be rebuilt after being damaged in the 9/11 tragedy. The 10th Floor of building 7, the Marketing Center for WTC serves a unique purpose: the space was designed to educate the public on the plans for construction and what the community has to look forward to, and to expo available space in the buildings yet to be completed. The centerpiece of this space is a scale architectural model showing the plans for all 7 buildings.

A Perfect Blend

Some clients just don’t want to give up their trusted treasures, no matter how enticing the latest technology might be. This New Jersey homeowner clung faithfully to his audio- and videophile roots with a stash of cassette tapes and a high-end tape deck, a reference-level FM tuner and even a workhouse laserdisc player and supporting library of 12-inch videodiscs. His prized Wilson Audio WATT Puppy speakers rated the status of man’s best friend so they had to remain a prominent part of any future A/V mix.

An Uncommon Common Area

Electronics Design Group used its considerable expertise in both commercial and residential installation to create what senior project manager John Montgomery describes as a state-of-the-art amenity space – the activity anchor of a tony condominium complex on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Cave Comfort

Marriage is, among other things, about compromise. When these New Jersey homeowners were planning their dream home, she got the kitchen and master bath she always wanted. He got his man cave, complete with bar/kitchen, wine cellar and home theater. The lower-level space was a blank canvas when blueprints began, so EDG gave the man the cave of his choice: a dedicated enclosed screening room with cinema-style seating or the kind of open multi-purpose entertainment space many customers opt for today. He chose home theater classic where family and friends could relax watching sports or movies with a no-compromise audio/video system.

City Living

Space is at a premium in a Manhattan apartment. Homeowners who want to fit technology into a snug three-bedroom, two-bath apartment can do it themselves and run the risk of a cabling eyesore. Or, they can bring in pros like Electronic Design Group who can transform a seemingly unworkable situation into a neat fix. This family chose the latter and has audio and video wherever they wanted with not a wire to be seen.

Classic Comforts

EDG was contracted to create a “smart house” with integrated audio, visual, lighting, security, and climate control. As the project progressed, we were asked to build a theater in the home’s lower level recreation area. The theater quickly became the heart of the project, ultimately leading to a visually stunning, high performance viewing room. The finished product represents the ultimate marriage of both form and function. EDG coordinated a team of acoustical engineers, designers, and builders to create a complete home theater experience.

Clean Entertainment

Technology can bring to mind ugly black boxes, flashing lights, and a rat’s nest of wires, but it doesn’t have to. Here in this 6,000-square-foot Princeton, NJ, home the owners asked for a basic audio/video entertainment system throughout the house without taking away from the clean, uncluttered design.

Custom Touch

They call it custom electronics for a reason. Here in this highrise suite along Manhattan’s Central Park South, the couple had precise requirements that didn’t exactly fit a cookie-cutter design for music, video and home control. But that’s nothing new to the designers at EDG, who pride themselves in tweaking tried-andtrue electronics to meet the unique needs of its clients. Here, audiophile-grade music quality came first, followed by video, lighting and climate control, and EDG delivered.

Dangerous Decibels

Envision a subwoofer that was designed for use in a 10,000 square foot commercial theater. Now, imagine taking not one but two of these same subwoofers and incorporating them into a 700 square foot residential theater. Implementing incredible audio in a high performance home theater is what this project was all about.

Dream On

This client had come to us by means of a referral from his Builder. They were interested in creating a high performance dedicated theater. Located above a 5-car garage the committed space was 26 feet wide x 28 feet long with 9-1/2 foot ceilings. Watching films is a passion for this client, so it was important that we recreated the big screen experience and movie theater sound in the comfort of their home.

El Toro

This client had a modest-sized finished basement that went largely unused thanks to its outdated décor and uninviting lack of “warmth.” Their wish was to have a high performance home theater that would form the centerpiece of their recreation area, functioning as both a dedicated theater space for movies while also accommodating many guests for sports events.

Elegance at Twilight

This home was designed by architect, Hiland Hall Turner, and built as a model by a premiere NJ builder, Roger Polo of Polo Master Builders, to showcase the builder’s quality and expertise; its style, elegance, and overall build quality have exceeded all expectations. The 10,000 square foot home, nestled in the hills of Morris County upon sprawling wooded grounds, has eighteen spacious rooms on four levels. The walkout basement leads to dramatic gardens, a spa, and a magnificent pool area, all designed and built by award winning landscape architecture firm, Cross River Design. The home is an eden in paradise with full systems integration, as well as Lutron lighting

Extreme Home, Controlled

The owner of this home has a research-driven creative side and wanted to see how far he could stretch a Control4 system’s capabilities across his home. This client declared a preference for decor with clean lines and neutral palettes. Based on the client’s lifestyle and interest in entertaining, the home now includes state-of-the-art electronics, a swimming pool and cabana, sport court, workout room, and 3 guest bedrooms.

Forever Fall

No one ever said a home theater had to be inside the home. These New Jersey homeowners solved a dilemma that many fourseason households face: how to enjoy the warm-weather months without giving up the comforts of home. Here in this upscale loggia, the family enjoys al fresco entertainment at any time of the year courtesy of a well-apportioned kitchen, fireplace and full 5.1-channel home theater system.

Four Point Play

Our client, a family of four with small children, wanted a fully integrated 20,000 square foot home with the ability to control lighting, multi-room audio, HVAC, pool/spa, garage, and cameras from touchpanels and PCs throughout the home. This ambitious new construction project demanded clean walls (i.e. no banks of switches, volume controls, thermostats, or remotes). With a home this size, it’s hard to keep track of everyone, therefore, we integrated a telephone system so the family could easily communicate with each other. The client’s detached sports barn needed to be controlled from the main house via the Crestron control system. Other special features included in this house are a dedicated home theater, distributed video, and home computer network.

Garage Hangout

Some of the most creative work comes out of the least likely places. Take this garage multiplex in New Jersey. The owners wanted a place where they could spend time with their teenage twins and where the kids could entertain friends apart from the other living spaces in the home. So they gutted the bulky space above the garage, dressed it in New York Yankees blue, and Electronics Design Group set about designing a multimedia, multiscreen system that could satisfy the family’s varied entertainment needs.

Hands On Education

This project is extremely unique in that this is a multidisciplinary, referral only animal hospital which is open 24/7 365 days a year and doubles as a training hospital. With over 150 staff members who attend weekly presentations from manufacturers, and training presentations from guest lecturers on the newest surgical procedures in veterinary medicine, the space needed to have multiple purposes and be very flexible and easy to use.

High-Style Community Theater

It’s called an amenity space, and it’s the hot new perk many luxury condominiums are offering to differentiate their residences from the pack. Think of it as home theater for the condo crowd, and this New Jersey highrise on the Hudson, with views of the Manhattan skyline, has a theater that’s sure to wow residents and guests alike.

Inconspicuous Integration

This urban abode required that the Electronics Design Group (EDG) team develop a collaborative relationship with a number of trades working on the job site in order to ensure the delivery of a pre-defined system to the client.

Kitchen Magic

The main objective of this project was to renovate two city apartments into one home and to create a completely integrated environment. The clients’ primary requests were for a seamless integration blended with aesthetics and interior design. All systems were to be integrated with the building’s intercom, including audio, video, HVAC, shades and a home network.

Luxury SmartYard

The owners of a 14,000 sq ft property in New Jersey wanted to create an outdoor entertainment space for family and friends to enjoy. While in the process of investing time and money to update the electronic systems within the home, the clients made the decision to extend their upgrades to the outdoors.The improved outdoor set-up was to include a fully functional kitchen, a covered bar and seating area, and several patios and decks. A swimming pool, hot tub, cabana, and fountains were already in place and in good condition but required updating as well. Electronics Design Group (EDG) was tasked with creating a comfortable party-like atmosphere so the clients could happily entertain outdoors, as well as indoors.

Meeting On A New Level

“Thanks to modern technology boardrooms no longer need to be cluttered with flipcharts, overhead projectors, and white boards. When the president of a prestigious New York bank approached EDG with his vision for a state of the art boardroom, we gladly accepted the challenge. It was obvious that the retrofit conversion of this fixed appointed space would require precise planning, coordination and execution. Creating a hightech room was a snap, having the room not scream high-tech was paramount to keeping with the client’s vision.

Minimalistic & Simplistic

Strategically hiding audio/video equipment within a home is an integral part of preserving a minimalist’s style. Cables and components can quickly clutter up even a very large space. Planning ahead and devising ways to hide equipment helps to create an unobtrusive, state-of-the-art system.

Old World Charm

EDG’s client for this project, a successful entrepreneur, had in mind to create the ultimate home for enjoying the company of friends and family. Thanks to his vision and EDG’s long experience in realizing its customers’ dreams, the end result, described below, took top honors in the Best Fun Room category of Electronic House magazine’s 2009 Home of The Year Awards competition.

Performance Package

Our client had long been enjoying the dedicated theater room our company had done 14 years ago in their summer beach retreat. Right from the start, the modest 15 x 20 feet room was intended for one purpose only: complete immersion in a great movie experience. Fancy trim work and art-deco details were spared in favor of high performance gear, straightforward acoustical design, and dark room décor that would maximize image contrast and minimize stray light off the screen. With the passage of time, however, the client expressed interest in changing the seating. That led to discussion about other upgrades. Eventually, the project became a near-total renovation, with only the Lutron lighting processor and some wall sconce lights remaining from the original theater.

Personal Touch

Most families have at least one techie. But how does the rest of the family cope with sophisticated electronics? Here in this chic 47th floor high-rise on Manhattan’s East Side, everybody gets an electronics solution just to their liking. Flexible remote controls programmed by Electronic Design Group let the techie owner tweak settings to his heart’s content while keeping operation idiotproof for anyone else.

Pre-War Aesthetics, Post-War Technology

Taking a 100 year old house and transforming it into a modern SmartHome while maintaining its original early-1900s aesthetic is a challenge. With this project, the clients wanted a fully integrated system throughout the house that would not affect the look and feel of their home.

Room to Breathe

This client’s large residential home was being designed from the ground up, with a heavy focus on accommodating a theater that their grandchildren, children and family could enjoy together. Our client was interested in creating a comfortable space with a large screen, great sound and unobstructed views. We had an optimal size space to work with; the room was 20 feet wide x 34 feet long with 11 foot ceilings, a great size room. The objective was to seat 10 people comfortably with a bar counter in the rear for an additional seating and in-room dining area.

Room to Grow

In a perfect world, your home theater would be a regular rectangle with proper measurements of 14 x 20-feet topped by 9-foot ceilings. But there is no perfect world, and few basements are built from the ground up with ideal home theater proportions in mind. In this New Jersey project, structural columns interrupted the space where the theater was to go, so the homeowners adjusted by building a theater “nook.” It ended up ing well with their plans to isolate the room from the rest of the house to keep noise to a minimum, but it required acoustical tweaking to tailor the sound to the space.

Silver Screen Sophistication

The client’s primary goal was to have a dedicated home theater that could accommodate a large number of guests plus a bar area in the back of the theater for entertaining and food placement, all with unobstructed sight lines to a very large screen. The client also wanted a unique ceiling, and he did not want a projector to be hung in the center of it. Three other A/V companies told him these objectives could not be met, but EDG took the challenge, and the end result is an award-winning custom home theater.

Space Management

You don’t need to build a new house to gain a home theater. The owners of this New Jersey home tapped into unused space in the basement, and now they’re enjoying the big screen/big sound experience of the cinema without having to leave the comforts of home.

Special Treatment

Sure, it’s important to choose great-sound speakers and amplifiers for a home theater. That’s the part of a theater system you can control. What you can’t control are the dips and peaks that each individual room tosses into the mix. Those acoustic anomalies can create ringing and annoying audio artifacts that even the most sophisticated loudspeakers can’t overcome.

Take It Outside

With a limited number of warm-weather months on the calendar, Garden State residents take their backyard time seriously. This weatherproof family decided to extend their outdoor time. Thanks to an outdoor TV, a patio heater, a hot tub and a kitchen that’s the envy of every armchair top chef, this Jersey family enjoys an all-season al fresco life.

The Comforts of Home

An 18,000-square-foot home is a lot to manage. When designers at Electronic Design Group first met with the homeowners on this Northern New Jersey project, they knew that managing eight subsystems in a home of this scope would require an overhaul of the EDG control model. To give the family easy access to 31 thermostats, 28 security cameras and 412 lights, EDG designers put in place a floorplan-based format using a 17-inch Crestron touchpanel. When the homeowner wants to get an overview of his electronic management system, he brings up a room layout on any of 22 touchpanels in the house and can turn down the heat, shut off a sconce or shuffle a playlist–without lifting more than a finger. Each layout is presented in the same format, providing a uniform interface for each subsystem.

The High Life

Forty-thousand-square-feet of amenities come with residency at the Aldyn, a premier luxury high-rise condominium building on Riverside Drive in Manhattan. The Aldyn’s residents are pampered with a menu of fitness club options that surpass the offerings of the most exclusive sports clubs in the city. ere’s the 75-foot indoor, pool, a two-lane bowling alley, regulation-size basketball court, squash cube, a two-story rock climbing wall and golf simulator with a full-blown workout space. Individual rooms for games, sauna, kinesis training and yoga complete the recreational/wellness package. A reside lounge, breakfast and kids’ playroom offer additional retreats for residents where they can relax and watch TV or movies.

The Theater that Booms

A family of four turned to EDG when they were looking to finish their basement with an entertainment area involving a high-performance theater with a powerful audio system and a large screen. EDG took the family's 700-square foot space and jam-packed it with some serious A/V equipment. EDG installed the largest screen that could fit in the space: a 154-inch display from Elite Screens. Custom-made subwoofers and speakers from Klipsch were used to replicate the quality of the audio one would expect from only a commercial movie theater. Why would anyone expect that? Because they really are the exact same speakers that are used in commercial theaters!

Training In Style

Training for high school wrestlers can be “strenuous and monotonous,” says EDG founder Bob Gullo. Gullo should know, having been both a wrestler himself and after spending countless hours cheering on his son, Rob a two-time team Wrestling Captain, ranked 7th all time in school history with 114 career wins for Pearl River High School in Rockland County, N.Y. But it’s a lot less monotonous for the Pearl River wrestling team these days, thanks to Gullo, who installed a state-of-the-art AV system in the school’s training room that will deliver sound and video for years to come.


Hidden installation was the primary goal for this project, and with its successful achievement, this award-winning home features system integration residing within simple elegance. A beautiful Media Decor painting hangs over the fireplace where one-touch motorization affords the homeowner the luxury of pressing a button to cause the painting to retract thus revealing the plasma television for use. Use of the video screen is as simple as the press of a button as well, and when not in use, both television and video screen are completely hidden from sight. The video projector is also hidden in the millwork and revealed only when the homeowner desires.

Tuned To Perfection

There’s no shortage of video options in this spacious New Jersey home. It was designed that way by Electronic Design Group pros who wanted to be sure there was never a family conflict when it came to watching one of the household’s half dozen TVs. From any of the six networked viewing stations in the house, family members can plug in an iPod, queue up videos from Apple TV, view a high-res Blu-ray movie, stream movies on demand from Netflix or Vudu or select from hundreds of DVDs stored on the home’s Kaleidescape server. The family is even covered if two people want to watch a certain movie at the same time. Three zones of Kaleidescape video allow one person to start Twilight, someone else to begin the movie an hour later and a third person to rewind a selected scene without disturbing anyone else’s viewing.

View With a Room

The clients’ main objective was to have the ability to control all lighting and shading in their home, but to also have clean walls that were free of dimmers and switches. With roughly 17,000 square feet of space in the entire home, this was a large task which ended with an exceptionally breathtaking result. The clients requested motorized shades on the architectural style windows in the great room, as well as UV protection for their many rare and antique wood furnishings and fabrics they collect.

Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On

Every home theater starts with a seed and then grows from there. The idea for this Long Island project started with homeowner’s wish for “big sound and big picture.” The owner said he wanted to “shake in his seat,” when watching a movie in his personal screening room, and EDG designers didn’t take that lightly. They went straight to Klipsch Pro Cinema for big boxy horn-based speakers — the kind that can knock your shoes and socks off — but that meant knocking out a wall, too, to make room for them. Packing 15-inch woofers, the three KPT-325 speakers were so deep the builder had to move the front wall back a foot to accommodate the depth of the cabinets. With space tolerances down to the quarter inch, all measurements had to be perfect to ensure the proper fit.

Standard Guides

Coffee Table Book

What do the Internet, smart phones, laptops, GPS, TV remotes, and the microwave oven have in common? Technology. Whether you love technology, or simply accept the fact that it’s part of our daily lives and culture, this book bridges the gap between technology and aesthetics, showcasing beautiful estate homes, hip apartments and corporate boardrooms’ use of technology, woven into the environment, some so stealth the transformation itself is magic.

Control 4

You can use your iPad as an interface to your Control4 system to create custom lighting scenes; to conveniently control entertainment systems; or to take advantage of energy savings with programmable thermostats and other ‘green’ settings. If you’ve already experience mobile control using your iPhone or iPod Touch, you’ll be even more impressed by the iPad app which is designed to take advantage of the large screen size making it even easier to manage your home.


Imagine using your iPad as a touch panel for your home entertainment system, or to control all the lights in for home. EDG and Crestron Mobile Pro G puts a professional-looking Crestron touch panel user interface right on the popular Apple iPad, enabling all kinds of customizable control capability, while using the iPad’s entire screen space.

Display Viewing Distance Guide

A guide to display viewing distance and viewing angle and distance calculations.

Hidden Installation

While homeowners continue to explore ways of duplicating the movie theater experience in their homes, allocating a dedicated space and staring at electronic gear hanging on walls and ceilings when not in use have become the challenge of electronic systems contractors, architects, interior designers, and various other residential building trade professionals. Today, the emphasis is on the WOW factor and the ability to transform one room into a multifunctional room with the push of a button.

Home Technology Planning Guide

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling your existing home or simply installing a home entertainment system, it’s important to hire a technology contractor (A/V Design Specialist) who will get the job done properly. In many construction trades, most people (including electricians) are unfamiliar with the new products and technologies that are available for a low voltage system, or technologies outside their core expertise. Quality home technology installation requires a rare breed of expertise and professionalism - and that's what you'll get with EDG. Home Technology includes: Multi-room Audio, Theater System, Home automation, iPhone/iPad home control, Distributed Video, Energy efficiency, Lightning protection, Security systems ...and more. Fill out your information on the right, and we will send you a FREE copy of our Home Technology Planning Guide!

Integrate and Celebrate

Technology Integration as a Forethought, for the Forward-Thinking Architect and Design Professional.

Outdoor Music System

There is no mistaking the difference between awesome outdoor music systems and the occasional pair of speakers installed in a few locations. The acoustics of outdoor spaces differ greatly from indoor spaces. Outdoor spaces typically have few or no boundaries; therefore, they require a greater number of speakers to provide proper sound coverage.

Space Management

Why is AV Important? Using and integrating technology creates possibilities. One part art, another part science, AV systems are used to communicate and entertain, and provide comfort, security, and ambience. The convergence of architectural design and AV technologies creates opportunities for integrating form and function in innovative ways—from sophisticated conference rooms and private screening rooms to the ambiance of lighting and entertainment solutions. AV technology plays a pivotal role in bringing your visions to life. AV is no longer an afterthought, but rather, an important planning element in the design process.

Surround Sound Placement

How to set place your surround sound speakers for the best quality.