About Trufig

Founded in 2008 by Dana Innovations, Trufig has revolutionized the way we think about wall outlets and switches. What this means for you is that no longer do you have to deal with ugly and protruding white faceplates. It is now possible to easily & seamlessly blend those eyesores into your wall or ceiling surface.

Trufig was built on top of three major principles:

  • Material Authenticity
  • Perfection in the smallest detail
  • Systematic approach to detail

What Trufig is all about is providing a way to use the same materials or paint that you use on your walls to create an elegant face plate. They work with lighting switches & dimmers, outlets, control panels, phone wall plates and volume controls as well as AMX, Crestron & Lutron panels and switches.

Trufig has been a leader and innovator in their field. They were the first to create high-fidenlity in-wall speakers & an in-wall iPod docking stations. In combination with their sister company, Sonance, they developed the flush mounted Sonance Architectural Series Speaker System.

For more info on Trufig, contact EDG at: 732.650.9800.