About SunBrite

In deliberation between whether to watch a Dodgers game or go outside SunBrite was born. In 2004 they launched the first true outdoor television. Maybe you’ve never hear of SunBrite but you’ve definitely seen their products as they are use in many of the most popular sports stadiums such as Yankees stadium, Wrigly Field and Gillette Stadium as well as a number of others.

SunBrite specializes in “all-weather outdoor LCD TV’s”. Since they are not trying to build a multi-purpose television they are able to focus fully on bringing you to the best possible outdoor television viewing experience. This includes removing glair, heat & solar & cold protection as well as protection from the other outdoor elements such as rain and dust.

For more info on SunBrite, contact EDG at: 732.650.9800.

Special Treatment

Sure, it’s important to choose great-sound speakers and amplifiers for a home theater.

Take It Outside

With a limited number of warm-weather months on the calendar, Garden State residents take their backyard time seriously.

Articles About SunBrite

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