About Sonance

Sonance is a speaker company that wants to provide high quality audio but also get out of the way. We all remember the days of huge boomboxes and big ugly speakers that you could attempt to hid away or blend into the room but always stood out. Sonance provides an elegant solution to that without a sacrifice to sound.

Sonance produces a wide range of speakers and amplifiers that blend seamlessly into your wall or ceiling. Their ‘invisible series’ does exactly what it says; becomes invisible, hidden in your walls. Along with other high end ranging speakers they make amplifiers that produce ridiculously good sound.

For more info on Sonance, contact EDG at: 732.650.9800.

A Room With Two Views

The best way to experience the Super Bowl would, of course, be seats on the 50-yard line. But if you don't want to travel, the stunning advances in home theaters will allow you to view the game from the best seats in the house-your own.

Best of Both Worlds

Our clients’ summer home was a new construction project.

Custom Touch

They call it custom electronics for a reason. Here in this highrise suite along Manhattan’s Central Park South, the couple had precise requirements that didn’t exactly fit a cookie-cutter design for music, video and home control.

Dream On

This client had come to us by means of a referral from his Builder. They were interested in creating a high performance dedicated theater.