About Seura

About Seura

Founded in 2003 to bridge the gap between technology and decor Seura was born. They have been awarded 12 times in less than 10 years in categories such as Most Creative New Product and the Product Innovation Award.

Starting out of their garage their first product was their Enhanced Series Vanishing TV Mirror. A product that, like the name says, can hide a television in a mirror so that it is only seen when it is on. They have expanded their products to a more expansive range of mirrors as well as the addition of waterproof and outdoor televisions.

Here is a breakdown of their products.

Television Mirrors

  • Premier Series – Ideal for Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Above Fireplaces and Behind Bars.
  • Enhanced Series – Ideal for Bathrooms.
  • Deco Series – Ideal for Bathrooms

Outdoor Televisions

  • Storm – Ideal for Decks, Outdoor Kitchens and Pool Sides.

Waterproof Televisions

  • Hydra – Ideal for Kitchens, Bathrooms and Showers. Comes in Black Onyx, White Pearl, Stainless Steal and Custom Chroma Color Matching. The TV is 19″, waterproof and integrated with external speakers.

Lighted Mirrors

  • Lumination Collection – Ideal for Bathrooms. May be combined with Enhanced or Deco TV Technology.

For more info on Seura, contact EDG at: 732.650.9800.