About Samsung

For Over 70 year, Samsung has been dedicated to making a better world through diverse businesses that today span advanced technology, semiconductors, skyscrapers and plant construction, petrochemicals, fashion, medicine, finance, hotels, and more. Our flagship company, Samsung Electronics, leads the global market in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media.

Through innovative, reliable products and services; talented propel; a responsible approach to business and global citizenship, and collaboration with our partners and customers. Samsung is taking the world in imaginative new direction.


For more info on Samsung, contact EDG at: 732.650.9800.

Articles About Samsung

Samsung Curved OLED TV

Samsung has recently publicized the U.S. availability of its curved OLED (organic light-emitting diodes) TV, the Samsung KN55S9C. The 55-inch beauty is shipping to some specialty retailers countrywide and will carry a MSRP of $8,999. In an exceptionally oversimplified explanation, the LED TVs we...

CES 2013 – Back from the future: 8 gadgets that will furnish the modern home

8 Gadgets from CES 2013. This year's International Consumer Electronics Show boasted some truly revolutionary products that, until less than a few years ago, seemed more fit to be in a sci-fi movie than in your own living room. Here are some of the best of CES 2013, coming soon to a home near...