About Pakedge

Founded in 2003, Pakedge Device & Software was created to meet the demand for high-performance home computer networking products. Before our company was founded, computer networking products for the home were compromised, unreliable, and lacked the “right” features. Pakedge Device & Software delivers the ultimate wireless and networking products for the uncompromising home owner.

Our Core Beliefs:

  • Provide high-powered, reliable, and innovative products.
  • Develop solutions that fit each individual’s custom installation needs, from the simplest to the most complex systems.
  • Offer exceptional support, training, and performance.

For more info on Pakedge, contact EDG at: 732.650.9800.

Articles About Pakedge

Home Network Lagging

Having problems with home network lagging? Why Pakedge and Electronics Design Group could be the solution you are looking for. In this day and age we are always wirelessly connected. Everywhere we go we have our smart phone, tablet or iPad, and our laptop. We use these devices to access today's...