Leon Speakers

About Leon Speakers

Leon Speakers was founded in 1997 in Ann Arbor Michigan and has been creating high quality speakers ever since. We not only like Leon for the quality of their speakers but for their design sense. Finally, we had speakers that we didn’t have to hide away and instead were able to use to add to the decor of the space. A huge asset to Leon is that they design everything in house so they have the ability to easily customize or stylize their speakers to the exact length of your television or the color of your bookshelf or wall or ceiling.

Leon’s Mission

As complex as our world may seem, we promise to bring the music to more people & more spaces, and always do it with style. We are Leon.



Our passion for perfection is evident in every step of the manufacturing process. At Leon, building a custom speaker isn’t just a matter of process; it’s a point of pride.


Each of our speakers is handcrafted and custom-tailored to meet any design specification, offering a level of design flexibility unparalleled in the industry.

For more info on Leon, contact EDG at: 732.650.9800.

Custom Touch

They call it custom electronics for a reason. Here in this highrise suite along Manhattan’s Central Park South, the couple had precise requirements that didn’t exactly fit a cookie-cutter design for music, video and home control.

Minimalistic & Simplistic

In this project, EDG worked with the client’s minimalistic expectations to provide a continuous, simple design theme throughout their home. They asked for a home automation system that complimented their clean, modern minimalist home and increase energy-efficiency and privacy.

Modern Luxury

Modern Luxury, a two-story family home with a finished basement, won both Home Theater/Media Room Project of the Year and Ultimate Home of the Year.

Pre-War Aesthetics, Post-War Technology

Taking a 100 year old house and transforming it into a modern SmartHome while maintaining its original early-1900s aesthetic is a challenge. With this project, the clients wanted a fully integrated system throughout the house that would not affect the look and feel of their home.