Crown Audio

About Crown Audio

Founded in 1947 Crown has become one of the worlds largest and most respected manufactures of power amplifiers and microphones. Beginning under the name International Radio and Electronic Corporation, making rugged open real tape recorders, Crown has grown along with the audio industry and become one of the top companies in the field.

Their product line now includes a huge number of products. Recently they launched their XLS Series Amplifier that is redesigning the category of affordable and high quality power amplifiers. The line consists of four models and offering an unprecedented level of performance and configuration flexibility ushers in a new era of power amplification at the entry level.

For more info on Crown Audio, contact EDG at: 732.650.9800.

Dangerous Decibels

Envision a subwoofer that was designed for use in a 10,000 square foot commercial theater. Now, imagine taking not one but two of these same subwoofers and incorporating them into a 700 square foot residential theater. Implementing incredible audio in a high performance home theater is what this project was all about.

Extreme Home, Controlled

The owner of this home has a research-driven creative side and wanted to see how far he could stretch a Control4 system’s capabilities across his home.

Old World Charm

EDG’s client for this project, a successful entrepreneur, had in mind to create the ultimate home for enjoying the company of friends and family.

Pre-War Aesthetics, Post-War Technology

Taking a 100 year old house and transforming it into a modern SmartHome while maintaining its original early-1900s aesthetic is a challenge. With this project, the clients wanted a fully integrated system throughout the house that would not affect the look and feel of their home.