Epson Projector Puts Big Picture into Any Space

April 12th, 2017

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Most projectors work best in large, dark spaces. However, the latest from Epson is allowing you to choose the best spot for that big picture experience.

The Epson Home Cinema 1450 is a new ultra-bright 3LCD projector that can produce vivid 1080p HD images, whether you’re showing movies, sports, or promotional videos. Of course, the real hook on this component is that it features 4,200 lumens of color brightness and 4,200 lumens of white brightness, which means it can deliver those awesome, lifelike images in almost any room—even ones with a lot of natural light.

Just to make this model more versatile, Epson has added several connectivity options, which can be used simultaneously using the projector’s side-by-side display feature. That means you can connect different sources to the 1450’s two HDMI ports at once and have both be completely functional. Show two presentations at once, two baseball games, a movie and a video game, or whatever else would make everyone in the room happy.

All of these image perks make this machine perfect for a home theater or media room, as well as conference rooms, huddle rooms, and basements. Epson says it can even be used in the living room with the lights on. This type of solution really puts entertainment anywhere.

Speaking of which, this model is also quite portable, thanks to a 1.6x optical zoom and a built-in 16-watt speaker. Of course, it can also be installed as a permanent fixture in any space, with four different color modes and an MHL port.

Epson will make the Home Cinema 1450 projector available starting next week, with an MSRP of $1,499. If you want to know more about this model, other Epson projectors, or how you can put a big picture into unique areas, contact EDG at 732-650-9800.

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Epson Projector Puts Big Picture into Any Space

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Most projectors work best in large, dark spaces. However, the latest from Epson is allowing you to choose the best spot for that big picture experience.