How a Text Message Can Save You Thousands

February 15th, 2017

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Everything is tied into mobile devices these days. Your calendar, your social life, and even your home are all packed into that smartphone, tablet, or smart watch. These portables can be used to unlock doors, turn on lights, close shades, fire up music, and so much more. They can even be used to save homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs.

Smart alerts are becoming one of our favorite features in the smart home. Many whole-house control systems and connected gear can send text, email, and push notifications to mobile devices based on what certain systems are doing or activity in the home. For instance, a camera system can text you when motion is detected, alerting you that the kids have come home from school. It can also deliver alerts when the garage door is left open, the thermostat has been tweaked, or someone rings the doorbell.

Having this type of system in place allows you to keep tabs on your home when away from home. However, it can also alert you to costly and hazardous situations.

In other words, what if it’s not the kids, welcomed guests, or your forgetfulness? If someone is breaking into your home, that camera system can alert you that something is wrong, all while calling emergency authorities and saving a video record to the cloud. There are even door and window sensors that can be triggered to send notifications when someone is entering various areas of the home.

Of course, there are other types of security-based alerts as well. Smart smoke detectors, air-quality detectors, and water detectors can keep tabs on a home’s environmental conditions. By sending out alerts early, that smart home can save your family from hazardous situations and even damage caused by fire or a flooded basement.

Want your smart-home system to keep tabs on your surroundings? Contact EDG at 732-650-9800 to learn more about setting up an alert system and how it can save you in the long run. [Photo courtesy of Control4 & Crestron]

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